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Support For Athletes

Positive Mental Support for Athletes Can Lead to Optimized Performance. Find Out How With Winning Mental Coach!

When developing a skill at work or in life, we need to take care to nurture our mental health. The same support for athletes is also important, especially when it comes time to develop their game to the next level of competition. Winning Mental Coach offers support for athletes through athlete mental health services. Owned and operated by Zung Dao, a.k.a.. DJ, Winning Mental Coach offers sports psychology services to golfers of all skill levels.

Support For Athletes: The Importance of Athlete Mental Health

Every time a golfer stands on the green to take their first swing, their mental health should be in sharp focus. Jim Flick, a renowned golf coach, once said that golf is "90% psychological" and "another 10% psychological". There is a reason that the best golfers in the world will turn to mental support systems such as those offered by Winning Mental Coach.

DJ earned a golf psychology coach certificate from the European PGA and also spent years working on his Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology from Victoria University in Melbourne. Also a member of the Australian Hypnosis Alliance, DJ utilizes several methods to help support growth within his clients.

By utilizing hypnotherapy and sports psychology, clients who seek out the services of Winning Mental Coach will find benefits in several key areas. Hypnosis can help golfers to accomplish the following,

  • Gain Confidence on the Course

  • Avoid Performance-related Anxiety

  • Learn How to Properly Concentrate

  • Perform Better With Pressure

  • Find the Optimal Psychological Setting

DJ completed his Doctoral Research in the field of Hypnosis and golf Performance at golf clubs throughout Melbourne, Australia. To better seek out a brighter golfing future, contact Winning Mental Coach today to sign up for an appointment. DJ works with individuals, teams, and elite athletes from every industry and athletic background.

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