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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Performance While Enhancing Your Life!

The world of clinical hypnotherapy has been experiencing a targeted boost in recent years. As athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporations turn to clinical hypnotherapy to boost productivity and increase their abilities, more individuals are coming to understand just how effective a hypnotist can be.

Hypnotherapy is focused on addressing our altered state of consciousness, typically through breathing techniques that help enhance our receptivity to the power of suggestion. As a holistic approach to athletics, a sport hypnotist can help their client maximize skills while reinforcing positive traits and behaviors.

Work With a Sport Hypnotist Today

Most people don't realize it but professional teams in every major sport likely host hypnotherapists and sports psychologists on their payroll. Sports psychologists and sport hypnotist specialists are uniquely qualified to assist athletes and individuals with 'getting in the zone' to concentrate, believe, and achieve the tasks they have laid before them.

Working with a sport hypnotist can lead to success in the following areas:

  • Improved Motivation

  • Curate a More Positive Outlook

  • Enhanced Confidence

  • Reduced Performance Anxiety

  • Better Preparation Practices

  • Improved Communication Between Coach/Athlete

DJ utilizes many individual mental skills along with hypnotherapy to guide his clients toward the paths that lead to success.

Hire DJ at Winning Mental Coach Today!

DJ established Winning Mental Coach as a means to support athletes and individuals in overcoming issues such as performance anxiety, fear of failure, and a lack of motivation. He has a Ph.D and M.Sc in Sport Psychology, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and an European PGA Certificate in Golf Psychology Coaching.

Uniquely qualified and coupled with years of successful testimonials, DJ is ready to leap into action to support his clients today. Contact Winning Mental Coach to inquire further about the beneficial clinical hypnotherapy services we have available!

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