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Golf Psychologist

Maximize Your Performance Golf Psychologists

Does the idea of a consistent swing and an improving handicap appeal to you? For most people, bettering themselves at the game of golf can feel like an uphill battle. One of the most revered games in the world, golf is the ultimate battle between mind, body, and will. It shouldn't surprise most people to learn that golf psychologists can help to rapidly improve an individual's golf game.

Before exploring the world of peak performance psychology with Winning Mental Coach, let's explore what golf psychology is and how it can benefit athletes everywhere.

Understanding Golf Psychology: How a Golf Psychologist Can Help!

A golf psychologist will focus their work on the mental side of the game of golf. Utilizing the scientific method as well as years of research at university, a psychologist can help golfers to battle through the yips, reduce stress, and even increase their rate of improvement while on the course.

Compared to most other athletic games, golf is unique in its approach. One person will be charged with handling a variety of clubs, obstacles, and unique golf course wrinkles. In doing so, the individual has to have the proper preparation and mental fortitude to find continued success and improvement. This is where we look for peak performance psychology with a golf psychology expert like Zung Dao, a.k.a. DJ.

DJ is a European PGA Certified Golf Psychology Coach and an experienced hypnotherapist. He utilizes hypnosis to help his clients gain self-confidence, overcome their fear of failure, and manage their anxiety along the way.

DJ currently holds an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. DJ has utilized his skills to help elite athletes around the country to enhance their skills, avoid bad habits, and improve their chances at success.

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