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Victoria University PhD researcher Zung Dao (DJ) conducted 3 studies in 3 years at various golf courses in Melbourne and Sydney to evaluate the effect of mental skill training to golf. This study was supported by Golf Australia and Golf Victoria.


Participants learnt to relax mentally and to putt and hit shots in an automatic pattern. They experienced how hypnosis and other mental skills could help improve by allowing them to be fully focused and absorbed in the golf game.

The positive results of these researches were presented by DJ at: 

- The 14th World Congress of Sport Psychology in Seville 2017

- The 15th World Congress of Sport Psychology in Taiwan 2021

Check out what participants of the study have to say:

If you would like to learn the same skill,

please contact DJ on 0466 226 543

or email him at


 This is a great chance to begin your year on an extremely positive golfing note. Let's get going!

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