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Sports Psychologist

Optimize Your Athletic Performance With Sports Psychologists

The world of amateur and professional competition can be equal parts intimidating and enthralling. Athletes of all types, levels, and backgrounds can benefit from working with sports psychologists who specialize in performance psychology. Winning Mental Coach was founded by Zung Dao, a.k.a. DJ, to provide the performance psychology necessary to help embolden athletes and teams to succeed in all aspects of their aspirations.

​Let's take a moment to underscore the importance of performance psychology as well as the benefits that athletes and teams can find under the guidance of professional sports psychologists.

​What Does a Sports Psychologist Actually Do?​

First and foremost, a sport psychologist is a professional who specializes in performance psychology. ​Targeted outcomes when working with a performance psychology professional include

·        ​Finding Motivation

·        Setting Appropriate Goals

·        Learning How to Relax

·        Overcoming Fear of Failure

·        Addressing & Superceding Anxiety

·        Learning to Perform Under Pressure

DJ graduated with a Ph.D in Sport Psychology from Victoria University and had previously earned his Master of Sports Science while Majoring in Sport & Exercise Psychology at from Lund University in Sweden. A member of the Australian Hypnosis Alliance and a European PGA Certified Golf Psychology Coach, DJ works hand-in-hand with clients to help them target a number of basic and advanced mental skills.

 DJ presents his research using Hypnosis to improve golf putting and flow at the World Congress of Sport Psychology, Sevilla 2017

​When working with premier sports psychologists, it is easy to tackle the most important aspects of ourselves while bolstering our abilities both on and off the competition field. Whether we are discussing golf, Taekwondo, or any team sport, DJ has the tools and traits required to help through his psychology-focused performance optimization.

​For aspiring athletes and hobbyists alike, the path to better performance can begin with a simple session at Winning Mental Coach. Contact DJ today to explore the mental skills and performance psychology techniques necessary to optimize your game and have fun doing it!

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