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10 golf psychological issues I learned about Tiger Woods and his killer instinct with “The Big Miss"

10 golf psychological issues I learned about Tiger Woods and his killer instinct through “The Big Miss”

“The Big Miss” is a New York Times Best seller by a famous golf coach Hank Haney written about his experience coaching Tiger Woods.

10 sport psychological lessons from Tiger Woods

There are 10 sport psychology lessons that golfers can learn from reading this book:

1. How a swing coach can also develop a full swing yip, and his way to recover from this fear?

2. To Tiger, winning was business as usual. And he wanted his team to think the same way.

3. How Hank overcame being an alcoholic after so many years.

4. The complexity of working with a superstar, including what and when to say or not.

5. A sneak peek into the mind of Tiger. Tiger plays his driver with a lot of fear.

6. Tiger’s extraordinary ability to focus and stay clam under stress also included selfishness, obsessiveness, stubbornness, coldness, ruthlessness, pettiness, and cheapness.

7. Tiger stubbornly stayed in the present, can be in his own world despite other people/ his caddie is around.

8. Using his nine shots system with every club, Tiger feels more confident with all his clubs

9. Tiger was expert at getting rid of all negative emotion by the time he arrived at his next shot.

10. How Tiger dug deep and won the US Open 2008 with a major injury – a torn ACL.

Overall, I highly recommend golfers reading this interesting book.

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