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My passion is to use my knowledge and experience in Hypnosis, Sport Psychology and Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) to assist athletes, coaches and teams to train and compete with optimal mental conditions and achieve better performance
                                                                                                                               Dr. DJ (Zung Dao)  
PhD in Sport Psychology, MSc in Sport Psychology
Adv Dip in Clinical Hypnosis, European PGA Certified golf psychology coach
*** The second researcher to apply hypnosis on golf in the world ***
Connor Evans - Australian Freestyle Wrestling Champion

... I felt the most confident I have in a long time. I had a strategy going into every match like you had told me to visualise and my preparation the day before and the day of competition was much more organised than it's ever been, allowing me to focus on what I had to to compete at my best.

I just want to say thank you very much for all the help leading up to Africa. I would love to continue working with you going forward...


Connor Evans - Australian Freestyle Wrestling Champion

Kate Sylvester - Captain of Australia Kendo National team in World championship in Japan

As a result of DJ’s therapy and the techniques he taught me, I had the best match of my life at the 2015 WKC. I whole heartedly believe DJ’s method of sports psychology has helped me to achieve my dream and the techniques and truths I learnt during our sessions will serve me (and others) for many years to come.
Kate Sylvester - Captain of Australia Kendo National team in World championship in Japan

Loh Jia Yi - World Optimist Sailing Champion 2013


DJ has been an amazing psychologist.  What impressed me the most was the connection an athlete can have with a psychologist. My success this year has got to do a lot with mental capacity and I credit it to DJ who has made me a stronger and tougher athlete. I definitely feel that DJ’s service is top class and my future development as a sailor will definitely be enhanced through it.


Loh Jia Yi - World Optimist Sailing Champion 2013


DJ has been an amazing psychology consultant, hypnotherapist and coach and his price is very affordable. When I first saw DJ, I was in an absolute crisis and had experienced depression and grief for 7 months. I saw no way out. After a few sessions with DJ, my career got back on track, my home life, my depression lifted and I began to believe in myself again. Thank you DJ for helping me. I look forward to working more with you in the future


Christine Lythow

 I approached DJ after reading some reports and reviews on a golf website and at that time I was struggling with my golf game. After initial contact DJ outlined the process he undertakes to assist golfers and even though I am in Western Australia was keen to assist me in being a more confident golfer.

DJ helped me by taking the time to understand what I thought were the issues and aligned this with his template program, a program that deals with confidence issues by applying set processes.

The result was as I worked through the process I became more confident when I followed the process and stuck to the process and my game improved as long as I remembered the process.

One thing I liked was DJ’s commitment to help and achieve results, even with the tyranny of distance DJ always made time to engage and set up meetings and was very understanding of the unfortunate timeline extension I had to impose.

I found the experience very rewarding and positive and assisted me in having a golf process to follow, a process I am confident in and know that works when I apply myself to the process, it doesn’t just happen but when the process is followed it happens.

I would recommend DJ to golfers that have a concentration wane and need that additional information to get and stay on track to better golf.

Thank you DJ for your assistance and commitment to my golf endeavours much appreciated and your understanding and willingness to give of your time much appreciated and has made a real difference

Again Thank You

                                                                                                         Allan Barnes, Golfer from Western Australia

Service List
  • Basic mental skills: Motivation, goal setting, relaxation, self-talk ...

  • Overcome fear of failure

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Perform under pressure

  • Consistent golf performance

  • Positive thinking

  • Injuries healing with energetic work

  • Team bonding

  • Quit smoking with Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis for weight loss...

Dr. DJ (Zung Dao)

Sports Hypnotist

Mental Coach

Sports Psychology Consultant

Tel: +61 4 6622 6543


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